Fiber Mill

  • Exquisite Custom Fiber Processing
  • Over thirty-four years of fiber experience as a hand spinner and hand weaver
  • Over twenty-two years of experience raising Alpacas and Shetland sheep


Please call before bringing fiber for processing.


Specializing in Alpaca fiber processing.

Spinning – $30.00 per pound price includes: washing, picking, carding, drafting, skeining, 2 plied on cones (Suri fiber add $___.__ per pound) 1,000 to 2,500 yards (single) per pound (500 to 1,250 yards per pound plied)
Washing – $___.__ per pound (received weight)
Roving – $15.00 per pound (includes picking, carding, washing)
Fiber Separation & Devegetation – $___.__ per pound
Felting – $___._ per sheet (22-24 oz Minimum)

** Fiber length should be three to six inches. Special handling charge of $___.__ per pound for fiber in excess of six inches.  Major credit cards accepted.


Please call Teri at 864-921-4420 to arrange processing of your fiber.